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Have a question? Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions to find your answer. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to wasiim.nazir@gmail.com. We’re more than happy to help you have an incredible Metarovers experience.

Getting to Know

Why should I use Metarovers?

Utilizing Metarovers as an IT management firm provides numerous advantages. Most notably, it facilitates connections with skilled professionals who are actively delivering services to a wide range of clients. Consequently, this grants you access to substantial opportunities for significant business expansion.

If you have any questions, simply reach out to our friendly team on wasiim.nazir@gmail.com

How can you help me?

We help your business to modernize and innovate by tackling technological challenges. Our experts offer the full spectrum of IT-outsourcing services.

What does Metarovers cost?

Metarovers offers a straightforward and transparent pricing structure. There are no extra fees for making amendments or modifications after submitting a task, no minimum charges, and no intricate pre-purchase requirements.

We do not provide a fixed price for the services because each task is unique. Metarovers works with customers using a time and effort pricing model, i.e., hourly, project and monthly based invoicing.

*Hour rate depends on seniority, location, project requirements, etc.

Where are you located, and how do you handle a time zone difference?

The Metarovers team works from head office in Pakistan, and provides online support as well. We located in Islamabad, capital city of Pakistan.

Doing this business for 16+ years, we guarantee a minimum of six hours of time overlap with our customers in any part of the world.

How do you ensure the confidentiality and security of the project?
Each project comes with Non-disclosure and Non-compete agreements which we carefully respect and have never violated.
For customers with exceptional security and confidentiality requirements, working with sensitive data, or based on any other reason, Metarovers can provide a 100% personalized solution.
How fast can you kick off the project?

We can start tomorrow usually. If our client has clear requirements, accepts the price, and is ready to sign the agreement today.
Most projects need clarification and details, which may seem like wasting time but ultimately saves you money.
We can always assist you in smoothly launching new projects.

Can you provide support to the project after it’s over?

Yes, we offer post-implementation support services to our clients. It allows continuous improvements, and new features, timely updates, bug fixes, and other actions aimed at assisting our clients in preventing and averting unforeseen problems that might be detrimental to their business.

How do I contact Metarovers support?

The friendly Metarovers team is here to help you anytime. You can email us on  wasiim.nazir@gmail.com or you can call us on +923015052215. You can also contact us here.

Who is behind the Metarover's business?

Wasim Nazir is the founder and CEO of Metarovers. Wasim has been self-employed since the age of 22 and has always been passionate about delivering amazing customer experiences that fuel business growth and profitability. This passion was cultivated early in his career. 

​Wasim has since applied his extensive data and technological expertise to help some of the Upwork clients including Pensio Property Management Group Inc., Funding Track, High End, The Inflection Point, Ondernemer E-commerce, Beck & Bella Properties LLC, Firm Leader, Inc., and Quasar AI.

​“I’ve always been a great believer in delivering a win/win for all parties. My aim for establishing Metaroveres is therefore to help businesses and individuals grow their profits by reducing the many obstacles impacting the overall market experience for IT industry.”

​Wasim, in his previous ventures, which included a digital agency and a software development company, displayed a strong commitment to innovation. These businesses were dedicated to gaining an in-depth understanding of their clients' operations and delivering top-tier solutions that contributed to their growth and success.

If you'd like to connect with Wasim, you can find him here on LinkedIn and on Upwork 

Can you make it a fillable PDF from DOCX or Website content?

Yes, we can do it.

Will you provide us with the source file, so we can make changes later?

Yes, the source file will be provided, so you can easily edit or change it or even tell us to change it, we will not charge for it.

Will you make all the edits I require?

Yes, we will do and keep modifying until you're fully satisfied.

Can you deliver the task within 24h?

Yes, we can deliver within 24h.


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